Farewell, GeoClique Fam: It Wasn't About the Numbers, It Was About the Friends

As we close the curtains on GeoClique.me, a wave of nostalgia washes over us. We built this platform with the dream of fueling your wanderlust and connecting you with unforgettable places and experiences. But more importantly, GeoClique.me was about fostering genuine connections – a place to make friends, not followers.

Why are we saying goodbye?

  • We've decided to move on to new projects, and unfortunately, GeoClique.me won't be a part of them.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, we're no longer able to maintain the platform and applications.

What does this mean for you?

  • As of March 23, 2024, GeoClique.me will no longer be accessible.
  • Your data will be archived and potentially used to rebuild the site at a later date. We will never sell this data to anyone.

Beyond Likes and Follower Counts

GeoClique.me wasn't designed for the fleeting validation of likes or a bloated follower count. It was about creating a space where you could share hidden gems with close friends, plan epic adventures together, and make memories that mattered far more than internet clout.

A Journey of Shared Growth

Remember the time you conquered a new hike inspired by a friend's recommendation? Or when you planned the perfect getaway using GeoClique.me to craft a shared itinerary with your besties? These moments, big and small, were the heart and soul of GeoClique.me. They were testaments to the friendships that blossomed and the lives enriched through exploration.

A Fond Farewell, But the Adventure Continues

We hope you'll take these memories with you, along with the spirit of exploration that GeoClique.me ignited. The world is still overflowing with hidden wonders waiting to be discovered, and new experiences waiting to be shared with the friends who make them truly special. Keep exploring, keep making friends, and remember, the most beautiful destinations are often found not on a map, but in the company of loved ones.
Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.
Brian @webguyatwork and Chris @challgren