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Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, we're just getting off the ground here. We're sure the questions will start pouring in at some point. Until then, enjoy some that we've taken the liberty to answer up front. Frankly, some of these topics confused even us as we were putting the site together and testing it out.


  1. I have not received my email registration code and can not log in. What should I do?

    Check your email client's spam folder to make sure it didn't get incorrectly marked as bulk mail. If you still can't find it there, please send an email to [email protected], and someone will assist you with the login.

  2. Fields on the registration form keep turning red and I don't know why.

    We try to validate all of the information on the registration form to keep you from having login issues later. A valid email address is required in order to receive the validation code and open your account for login. A valid username should be chosen that contains no special characters or spaces. Finally, acceptance of our Terms of Service is required before completing your registration. Please be sure to enter all valid information when you register to avoid possible issues down the road.

  3. Why do I have to supply my birthdate upon initial registration?

    Because our service is targeted to adults over the age of 17, we intend to conform to the policies of Children's online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which requires that we verify the ages of all users who sign up for our service. Your birthday (day and month) are displayed in your profile. The year is reserved for display ONLY to your trusted friends. We may opt to send out automated birthday greetings using this information, but we respect your privacy and will never display your age information in these posts.

General Information

  1. What exactly is this GeoClique site, and how does it differ from other sites offering similar functionality?

    At GeoClique, we're not here to play games with your time. We know that your most important social media task is to keep in touch with friends, and that's what we aim to allow you to do. You won't find any badges or virtual objects to throw at anyone, no games to challenge people with, no competition of any sort, just friends and friendly conversation.

  2. Does GeoClique offer cross posting of links and status updates to any other social media sites?

    As the site continue to mature, we will begin to integrate with other popular social media sites, allowing you to post status updates, photos, and even links to your extended list of sites.

Status Updates

  1. Are SMS short codes supported for status updates?

    SMS short codes are quite expensive to implement, and the site is completely user-supported at this point. In other words, it's not likely that we will be able to use SMS posting anytime soon.

  2. Can I submit my status via email?

    At the moment, no. However, we are actively looking into it, and could soon have possible solutions for emailing responses to posts that you receive notifications on.

  3. How do I include links to other websites or to other posts within the Geoclique site?

    The best possible method of including links to other pages is to make sure you copy the entire link with the http:// still intact. Use the full URL and we'll shorten it for you. Using this method, you can ensure that your URLs will be linked properly from within status updates and comments.

  4. Why are my pictures sideways?

    Most cameras and mobile phones support adding additional information to pictures as they are snapped. This information contains camera orientation data, which is used to display the photo properly online. In rare circumstances, this data is saved incorrectly by the device it was taken on. If you experience image rotation issues, contact support to let us know and we'll do our best to fix your issue immediately.

Location Services

  1. Can I check in at my favorite location?

    Absolutely! We search for nearby locations using the Foursquare API, so if your location is already defined in their service, you can use it here to log in. Just do a search on the location the next time you post a status update on either the web or mobile app.

Mobile Support

  1. Is there a native app for my [various brand] mobile device?

    iOS users can search for GeoClique in the App Store for our native app, now in its second major revision. A native Android application is in the works.


  1. Who can see my posts?

    If you post with privacy set to public, everyone can see your posts. A friends post can be seen by anyone who you've added to your friends list. A trusted post can only be seen by friends that you trust.

  2. Why do I see [person]'s posts in my friends stream?

    A mutual friendship does not need to be established to see a friend's posts. This means that the person has friended, and possibly also trusted, you and is sharing their status updates with you.