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Donate to GeoClique

Your generous donations help to keep our web community running. Without our faithful users, we would not be around. GeoClique is self-funded, meaning we don't have the kind of capital that other social networks have to keep a full-time staff working on the experience.

To give you an idea of what it takes to keep our site up and running, we will share the detail by way of the following graph:

Nothing to Hide

As you can see from the chart above, our revenue currently is not enough to sustain this site long-term. We share this information to give you a view into what our operating costs are so you can decide whether or not to help out.

Expenses include: dedicated server hosting (necessary for automation, push notification, email queuing, database and image storage, and general site security through firewalls and SSL certification), domain registration, legal council, incorporation fees, Apple developer account fees, and credit bureau fees (D&B, required for Apple developer account)

Income sources include: generous donations from our user community, earnings from clicked sponsor ads (web, mobile, and application)

One-Time Donations

We realize that not everyone can commit to donating every month. If you only have a small amount to offer at this time, we encourage you to select this option to give as much as you can handle for now. You will only be billed once for the amount you chose.

Ongoing Monthly Donations

Our power users should consider participating in a monthly recurring donation. This helps us to better plan for unexpected fluctuations in use and for server billing cycles. Paypal will bill you automatically each month.

Can't Afford a Donation? Here's Another Way You Can Help...

If you can not afford to donate at this time, you can always visit one of our sponsors by clicking on the ads that are presented throughout the site. These banner ads generate a small amount of income each time the sponsor site is visited. Help us achieve a positive rate of sponsorship by visiting an advertiser each day.